Mirrorless ... or ... DSLR?

The ultimate question, miniature and light VS large and heavy …
EOS 5DsR: 33.4 oz (948 g) includes batteries.
EOS M50: 17.1 oz (484 g) includes batteries, kit lens.

Both have their place, but it seems a little obscene to have a camera on the end of your lens rather than the other way around …


Lol :slight_smile:
BOTHHHHH haahah,
I use a lot of my Canon 5Dsr and a lot of my Fuji xt2 :slight_smile: the difference is the kind of situation I am shooting. Birding photography, Canon, Candid Portrait and street photography Fuji :wink: Best of both worlds!!!

By the way I use glasses and I thought the eyefinder would be a huge issue when changing to mirrorles, Gladly with the Fuji xt2, it wasn’t at all :slight_smile:


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