Minor: Miscount of images when started from macOS Photos plugin

When starting Photo AI as an extension from macOS Photos, the number of images is miscounted on the “Save xx images”, where xx is then one too many.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. select a number of images in macOS Photos; in my case usually around 36 (as these are scanned negatives)
  2. right-click and select “Edit with → Topaz Photo AI”. This causes macOS Photos to prepare all photos to send to Photo AI, start Photo AI and it will load all selected images.
  3. scroll left to the first image and select it
  4. press right arrow to go to each next image, no leaving autopilot to complete on each image, but just click like 0,5sec per image, until you reach the last one
  5. press Cmd + A to select all images
    The button will now say 37 image, not 36.

Effect seems to be just the number on the button. When click the button, all images are listed and can be saved without any problems. So this is a very minor issue.

Topaz Photo AI [v2.1.2] on [Mac]

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