Minimizing to taskbar issue when Alt+Tabbing between applications

Win 11 Pro, GP7, GeForce RTX3090

Sometimes, when I switch between Gigapixel and other windows using Alt+Tab, Gigapixel seems to minimize itself to the taskbar and will not maximize upon clicking on it. I have to shut it down and then reopen it.

There is another ticket that claims to provide a way to reproduce the behavior, but it does not work for me. My issue is that if you Alt+Tab between applications, it won’t maximize clicking on the icon or even trying to Tab back into it.

It does this after a while not tabbing into GP.

What strange behavior!

I am going to bring this to my developers attention for more investigation.

Would you mind providing me with your Gigapixel logs for further context?

To get your log files, please open Gigapixel and go to Help > Open Log Folder. Once you see your Logs folder, you will want to right-click it and compress it.

Once compressed, you will attach that .zip file to your response.

I hope this contributes to fixing this issue.

Ron Valmont (626 KB)