Migrating presets from TS1 to TS 2

Updated to version 2.0.4 and ran the Migration utility. Found that it had not copied all of the presets that I had marked as favorites in TS 1 though. A re-run did not add any. Could not find any commonality among those that were left out.
(If I added a new preset to my own created ones, the migration utility picked it up and copied across.)

Most of my presets have migrated (we should call them Looks!) But in the AppData folder, under Looks, they do not appear?!

Are all versions of Studio 2 backwards compatible in terms of functionality?

I am traveling. No access to downloads or PC I use. Saw that TS2.0.4 added a TS1 presets converter.

So, question is, must I run 2.0.4 to get my TS1 custom presets converted b4 moving on to whatever TS2 release is out when I get home (2.0.5…), or can I pass Go and move directly to the latest product release to cumulatively capture functionality that was added this past week?


@Fotomaker The Migrate TS1 files option is in v2.0.5 so I would upgrade the program first then migrate. I heard that you can only migrate once but that is all you should need.

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Thx for the answer!

There is talk of still allowing new preset formulations in 1 to be ported over to 2 … even freshly made examples!

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That would be great for those of us who continue to use the two different Studio platforms for different uses until Studio 2 is fully robust and fully integrated with Studio 1 functionality (but in a diff. form factor…).