Metadata is being dropped from any photo from Lightroom

I GPS tag all my photos, mainly wildlife photography as it needs the GPS metadata for several conservation projects I’m working on. It loses the GPS data when exported from Lightroom into Topaz Photo AI and brought back into Lightroom. I’ve tried other LR plugins, they don’t lose the metadata.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.3.6] on [Windows]

Hi @ppichugin, can you let us know what workflow you’re using in Lightroom? Are you using File > Plug-in Extras > Topaz Photo AI?

If not, the Photo > Edit In > Topaz Photo AI workflow does not retain GPS data, but the above workflow should. Can you let us know if that’s what you are using and it still isn’t retaining GPS data?

I just checked. I was right clicking Editing In > Topaz Photo AI, that removes the GPS data, but after checking it File > Plug-in Extras >Topaz Photo AI does retain the GPS data.

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