Metadata in Gigapixel AI

I recently bought Gigapixel AI as standalone and it deletes all my metadata from a photograph. Is there any way to avoid that?
It seems a lot of other people asked the same question for other tools like Sharpen etc.

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Since Gigapixel is out of development I guess you will have to copy back the Metadata to the new file with an external tool like ExifTool:


thanks for the answer

Exiftool is awesome, particularly if you can create some scripts for it which don’t require typing out the full command. If you are looking for a more GUI experience, there are some good options.

If you are on a Mac you can try MetaImage from the App Store (it’s GUI front end on ExifTool basically) about $10 or if you are a sports or wedding photographer you can use PhotoMechanic (very expensive but the only really reliable tool for metadata management at bulk).

Alternatively one can do any resizing you know about before adding metadata.