Metadata Changes

Really love Photo AI. It’s helped me recover/improve a lot of old low resolution photos. However, I wish it wouldn’t change the Capture Date in the photo metadata to the current date, but rather retain the capture date of the original image. I’m using the Lightroom Plugin.

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I’m having the same issue, and it’s really screwing up my calendar view in Mylio Photos. Does anyone know if we can shut off Topaz’s date changing?

They fixed it in Lightroom some time ago. Don’t use Mylio so I can’t speak to that application.

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This seems like a popular cause of headache. I’ve documented it for my team and we’ll take a look at it.

I’d like to have an option to keep either all or some of the dates from the original file. Normally in a file to have a creation, added, and modification dates. It would great if I could select some or all of those dates to keep.
I understand that file has been changed, so the change date “should” be altered, but that should still be an option.

@brian.spiker Thanks for the feedback.

I think this goes against what most people would want (having the date the image was processed be the date of record) but if there is enough demand to keep the original or have a setting for it, it’s definitely a possibility.

I’m in the process of capturing many hours of personal DV tapes. The resulting .DV files all have a DateTimeOriginal tag with the correct dates and times the video was created. I further split the master file into smaller lossless DV files based on scene changes with dvpackager. Each DV file also has the correct date/time the “scene” was taken.

Now post processing these DV files via VEAI produces great output but minus the Date/Time information. Not good.

So I am looking at work-around scripting with EXIFTool to capture the original Date/Time to re-write it back into the VEAI output file. Perhaps Topaz could add a checkbox to keep this information if existing in the input file. I cannot see why anyone processing personal vintage media would not appreciate it.


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I just got a new computer and am finding the date change, but I don’t recall it happening before. It sounded like enough people want to keep the original capture date. I hope this will be an option soon, it is throwing everything off for sorting my pictures.