Merge Adjust AI + Studio

Adjust AI and Studio have some great filters and art effects. I propose you merge them and update them for the latest computer specs (Mac M1/M2 and whatever is the latest for Windows, etc.).

Consider adding their filters into Photo AI and Video AI too. It would save us from going to apps by other companies for this need.

You do understand that those two products are no longer supported, and there is no development in those products, right?

There’s no current development, but they’re both still for sale and supported.

I stand corrected.

I agree with thedlkr, Studio 2 and Adjust are very important to my work my work flow. I would hate to lose them. They are so powerful -but so easy to use.

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Topaz Studio has become to be known as (Old)Topaz Adjust’s grown-up brother. (Old)Adjust did a lot; Studio did much the same, although bigger and better, and became the framework for all Topaz Plugins. (New)Adjust is a pale replica of (Old)Adjust!

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