Mercedes 220 SE


Really nice job done on the Benz. I’'m torn on the background cars being visible or not especially since space has been alloted to alternate views of the Benz


Great perspective and treatment on a classic.

Hi Eleanore, thank you for providing some substantive feedback. The background…I agree that the background can diminish the presentation. In this case, I was working for a client and took this photo of his car in his garage and created this as a gift for him. In the end, I decided to keep the two cars in the background for a couple of reasons. First, I felt they added some personalization to the work…his car…in his garage. Secondly, the two other cars are collectibles themselves, a 450SL and a 928 Porsche (one of his favorites). His version shows his Connecticut vanity plate, which I changed to protect his privacy. I actually used Topaz software products for the first time on this photo!


Nice job …

I think @ellemat2 has a good point about the background

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Thank you for the explanation…I thought there might be a reason for leaving them in.

Nice treatment but I also think the bright spot above the back/right breaks the focus …

Very nice work and very nice explanation.

It also adds some nice context to the reflections in the Benz.

Yes, I should have added that thought too. Thank you.

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