Menu Bar Hidden and Export Feedback Missing

When opening the application, the menu bar is not visible, making it frustrating to access options like ‘check for updates’ and ‘import.’ Additionally, clicking the export button no longer shows any indication that the video is being processed. To see the progress, you often have to click the Previews tab and then return to the Export tab. This lack of feedback can result in multiple processes running simultaneously because it is unclear if the export action was successful.

The team is looking into the issue with the export window not showing up on the process starting.

When you start up the app is it starting in fullscreen mode or in a windowed mode?

I assume it’s in windowed mode, but I don’t see any configuration to change that setting. It never used to be like this before version 5.0.

See below for the screenshot:

The menu bar extends beyond my monitor, and the bottom of the window is above the taskbar. I should note that it opens in a different configuration each time, but most of the time, the menu bar at the top is not visible. My point is that it’s not full screen; it’s always in windowed mode, covering about 95% of the screen but never opening fully maximized.

That is exactly the same problem I have.
Every time when I close and reopen the UI it is in windowed mode and appr. 1cm shifted upward, so that the menu bar is hidden.
Please check and correct - thanks.

Yes, it is the same here also ! Very annoying… Everytime I launch it, I have to drag the window to resize it just to see menus (but if you like/don’t mind maximized window instead windowed ones, you can just double-clic on the top). Win11 23h2