This was done in Corel Painter and is an abstract. I have it on my wall as a 16" x 24" print.


Hello. What sort of paper did you select for the print? Curious if you chose something smooth since I assume all the brush stroke and canvas texture is from the original Painter image.

I use a print called Xpozer at Bay Photo Labs in CA. It is a smooth cloth like material with a matte finish but I see they now have two finishes. It has a back side frame to stretch it and it sits about an inch off the wall. Many of my prints are on that. The ink is also very stable so no glass is needed.
Xpozer Wall Displays, High Quality Wall Art — Bay Photo Lab – Bay Photo Lab

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Thanks for the info. That looks like a nice system. I like the idea you can easily swap prints on the frame. Do you do that? And if so, how do you store the prints not on display - rolled or flat? Edit: Never mind; I see the vinyl like material is made to be rolled when stored.

I’ve not used Bay Photo but they on my list to try. Have you used them for other types of prints, conventional, canvas, etc.?

I’ve only used them for Xpozer but I have heard from other photographers that they are excellent for other types. I have ordered some prints without the frames and changed them since my walls are full. I also had one print where the plastic corner tab eventually came off the print. This is a tab where the frame locks into the print, one on each corner. I glued it back on and its ok. I think the spring on the fame is a bit too strong.

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