Megabits Constant

I am happy with the constant bit rate setting it remembers me in the days I used HD with DivX to AVI in anymp4 then set it to 12 Mbit to get some proper HD upscale results

With 24 Mbit with my Nvidea encoding 24 Mbit should be good enough to generate HDR effects which indeed it does

I am not smart enough to see how I can select specific images from a imported video maybe some documents can tell… Tiff is there any player that stil support this… I belief the world is Mp4 and jpeg.

I am failing to see the idea here, could you please clarify?

Not every remark is an idea sorry for the miscommunication. Hopefully others will have tested more in depth.

But i see a tendency that the product simetimes tries to cover niche markets in stead of understanding what other great americans did.

Remember Dr Lend and Steve Jobs they understood to create a product that everyone wanted and to announce it kerping everything secret till the great moment.

Bottum line create a product that will do it for you and announce it when ready the weekly updates are nice but out of the mass markets. Try to tead Dr Lends Books and you will understand why Steve saw it as his bible.

Then release it as a product you wanted in the first place and stop with devops lean kanban is a sprint waiting to fail.

If you are not posting a new idea, you would need to add your general comments to the general section of the forum :slight_smile: I will move it for you.


For those who do not understand