Maximum File Size

Is there a maximum file size that Topaz can work with?

I’ve a panorama in which I’ve stitched 6 or 7 or 8 images together - so as you can imagine it is a pretty big file. The image sixe is ~27000 * 3500 and the jpeg is 85 mb. When I do adjustments in Studio it seems to work fine and the preview image is there, but saving the file in jpg or tif just give a black image. An interesting black image - there are some faint wavy grey lines - but that wasn’t what I wanted…

I wondered if it was file size that was giving the problem. I’ve a fast new Lenovo Carbon x1 laptop with an fast processor and 16 gb ram so the processing appears to move along quite quickly.



Just check that you have a GPU that meets at least the recommended requirements as that is important otherwise you would have to resize the image before processing … See this link:

I think I am OK - the graphics system on this
laptop is the Intel G 620 and I access 8 mb
display memory - insofar as I can understand from the link this looks OK.

So, given the presumption that the graphics system is ok - ???


At 21/07/2018 07:54 PM, you wrote:

It is really only basic as it has no dedicated GPU RAM it only uses shared memory. I would try reducing the size of the image to be processed until you actually get output written. I also have a integrated Intel, a HD630, but as well I have a NVIDIA GT1050 with 4GB of dedicated memory which I always use for Studio.

I would also try and raise a Technical Support request to get clarification at the Need Help link above.