Such a great history of products, especially Mask AI, yet now at 1.2.8 of Photo AI and we still have block, not responsive masking tools! Sure, you have us “Tiny.” IT IS STILL A BLOCKY PROCESS THAT DOES NOT ACCEPT accurate masking work.

When will you implement a true brushing for masking? It’s getting rather depressing that you cannot get there.

You really need to know the product before posting, there is a AI brush …

and a non-AI brush …

Just click to turn the AI Brush off and you have a ordinary masking brush to add and subtract, don’t forget to tone it down and ask if you don’t know.

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You are right. My mistake. Thank you, and apologies for believing the default would be better. In my use, the default is still the blocky method based on sizes. Didn’t know (or see) the ability to go free masking instead.

If you want you could also put in an Idea for edge-aware masking with feathering to help the process. I think also that the original masking was poor but the non-ai brush helps a little.