Masking error

Even though I mask certain parts of the image so that TopazAI does not interfere there, it still interferes and spoils the image. It usually works well, but this is unfortunately a bug.

Hi @gabor.konta, are you able to provide any screenshots / videos of this behavior in action so we can try to reproduce it?

Yes, I can send pictures. I admit that the men’s shirt is a difficult task, so I removed this area from the selection with 100% strength, but nevertheless, the program did not take into account that the men’s shirt should not be modified. It processes the faces nicely. It often comes up that I prefer using Topaz DeNoise AI and Topaz Sharpen AI instead of Topz Phot AI because I get better results. I would like these programs to be further developed. Among the pictures, you can also see that Topaz DeNoise did well with the men’s shirt as well. The images can be downloaded here, but I will try to upload them as well: Topaz - Google Drive

@gabor.konta Thanks for bringing this to our attention and uploading the image files.

I’ll document this for my team to look into this bug and try to create a solution for a future release.

Thanks for your patience!

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