MaskAI is really a flop for me

I hope that nobody else has similar problems, but for me Mask AI is a total failure, while I was absolutely happy with Remask5.
The new plugin works rarely and poorly with Photoshop CC, it takes a veeery long time to process a picture and usually the program gets frozen. It makes me waste a lot of time and, in the very rare cases when it works, the results are definitely not better than in Remasks5 , which was fast and reliable.
What about your experiences?
Thank you for help

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Please go to Help-> Graphics info, press the Copy button and paste the results here. That will give us an idea of the system resources used by Mask AI on your PC.

For what it is worth, I have found Mask AI to be outstanding for cutting out hair, fur or anything similar. My workflow is typically to use Mask AI in PS to cutout the hair/face in photos and to save the resultant layer mask. Then, I use the Curvature Pen Tool in PS to cutout the rest of the subject adding that to the saved layer mask for the total cutout. Of course, the background and complexity of the photo will ultimately determine how well these tools work but for most of my use-cases, this has been a very quick and streamlined work flow. Good luck!

I’m happy for you. Unfortunately for me it’s really impossible to use it. It took ages to process a photo and un most of cases it doesn’t work at all with Photoshop CC.
Thank you for your kind answer anyway.

I apologize, but I cannot understand
Help>Graphics info in MaskAI or where?
Thank you

In any Topaz app, if you click on the Help menu at the top of the screen, one of the options in the drop down list will be “Graphics Info”. Just click on that, then copy and paste the results here.

Yes, Mask AI menu.