[MASK ON HOVER] - Hover to see the selected "masks" in enhancements

To see the areas that have been automatically selected in each of the enhancements in the “stack” requires several mouse clicks within the dropdown/properties box. maybe a good addition would be to enable a function where hovering over the enhancements tab in the “stack” would light up the red selected area in the main window and or the small preview

Don’t know if it has been added since or if it was there all along and I didn’t notice it. When an enhancement has been added to the stack it will say “Sharpen” or “Remove Noise” and below this words is the name of the type of mask/selection that has been applied “Subject” “Sky” etc… hovering the mouse pointer over this small words highlights the area in red in the main window. So it’s either “oops”, I should have noticed that before or “Thank you” Topaz guys for adding this :grin: