Mask, brush size management, shortcuts

Hello, Would it be possible to implement the management of the brush size and hardness, and what would be a big plus, possible to handle the pressure of the Wacom as in Photoshop, same keyboard shortcuts if possible. Thank you


My wish would be for brush size to be altered by the + and - keys

This is not a good idea, because if no numeric keypad, the plus sign requires pressing the SHIFT key previously!
I would prefer Photoshop shortcuts either: on Mac ctrl + option and drag the cursor vertically for the hardness and left to right for the size.

Same thing, uses two keystrokes. How about [ and ]

Totally agree, using Photoshop and Corel Painter, I have brush sizing programed into my Wacom pen so I can change the brush size on the fly.

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OK on QWERTY keyboard, but on QWERTZ macOS we don’t have square braket’s directly on the keyboard !!!