Mask AI workaround

To all you lovers of the Color Range feature in Remask 5, here’s a workaround for the absence of it in Mask AI. Maybe some of you already knew about it, but bear with me. After you bring your masked photo back into PS, go under the eraser tool and select the Background Erase tool. It works the same way as the Color Range tool does. There’s a Youtube video on how to use the parameters at the top tool bar, but fairly intuitive to use. Works great for refining tight spots like fine branches on trees etc. I was not aware of the utility of this eraser until today but it probably works the same way the Topaz tool does in Remask 5. Did a great job on cleaning up a very branchy tree I was trying to mask.


I should have thought of this myself due to a lot of experience with Photoshop, but I didn’t, and I thank you very much for pointing it out. Hopefully we won’t need to use it for too long, as color range and transparency are on the list to be added to Mask AI.

Thanks I will remember to try this.