Mask AI v1.3.0

Download: Windows | Mac.
Full Installer Downloads: Windows | Mac

v1.3.0 - Released August 20, 2020

Major features

  • Translucent Mode - Special AI for fabrics and semi-transparent (non-reflective) materials
  • Trimap Toolbar - improved discovery and switching to trimap brushes and tools
  • Intro Tutorial - simple introduction to the trimap


  • Close button on tutorials
  • Increased range for the Color Range tool
  • New Help -> “Re-Install Photoshop Plugins” to install photoshop plugins after mask itself has been installed
  • Improved tooltip hints
  • Revamped in-app icons
  • Adding link to Topaz Facebook group


  • Fix a crash on Windows when using some GPUs
  • Fix shortcut keys on keyboard which require a modifier be pressed (e.g. German keyboards)
  • Fix issue where zooming from multiple views would cause the zoomed image to “jump” in location

v1.3.1 - Released August 26, 2020


  • Enabling faster GPU mode on Windows
  • New UX flows for product ownership


  • MacOS 10.13 crashes

v1.3.2 - Released September 2, 2020


  • Enable showing trimap brush strokes on all view panes
  • Persist edge refinement sliders (can disable in Preferences)
  • Improved algorithm for hardness slider


  • Fix issue with foreground recovery and a blur strength of zero
  • Fix update API schema issue
  • Cleaner error message for images with “Apple Wide Color Sharing Profile” color profile

v1.3.3 - Released September 3, 2020


  • fix crash when loading Mask AI from an external editor like Studio 2
  • fix installer requiring internet connection on Windows

Should I uninstall thr previous version first?

Did you check your PR version and see if an upgrade pops up. If it does just update from there, or wait till it comes up because they usually roll it out.

I’ve always done that in the past with all Topaz filters but just went through a terrible time with Photoshop Elements and Topaz because for some reason Elements was seeing multiple links from all of the updates.

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Installed OK on Mac.

Bit confused about the translucent mode. On most images you’d want to use both translucent and hard-edge masking together, so how to accomplish that?

I see you’ve joined the washing-machine designers club and changed the buttons around, cant’ think that this really achieves anything.

Overall it is doing quite a good job. I’m still confused about the Translucent Mode and it would be nice to have some tips and tricks to make this work.

There are a number of times when I’m using the cut (red) or keep (green) brushes where it may or may not actually do what it is supposed to do. I had some small areas where I just needed to remove a tiny part of something that shouldn’t be there, and It left it in place and removed two other sections nearby. With the keep brushes, I was trying to bring back some tree branches which the compute button function had removed, and just couldn’t get them to be added back into the final image.

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There is no possibility to save trimaps within the plugin. So you have to work in the standalone if you value secured trimaps. This is bad.

Some examples of the new Translucent Mode in action.

It is designed to be able to create masks where one or more of the subjects in the image is see-through. Note that this does not mean completely transparent (that’s even trickier!), but in this case, the AI is recognizing that there’s an object in the foreground to be masked where the background is “showing through” in the original.

Example 1 - Original:

Example 1 - Mask:

Example 2 - Original:

Example 2 - Mask:


Not work with big than 6GB file

@maple98 thanks for your first post! Yes 6GB for an image file is larger than we’ve designed our apps for.

We’d be interested to hear more about your use-cases, and can use that to guide some of our future enhancements.

Everytimes I using Mask AI, the brush size will back to preset size 218, is any way that I can keep the brush on a fix size which I prefer to use such as 20 or 25.
Remask 5 will keep the brush size what my last setting.

Apologies if it’s already been brought up and I just missed it, but especially in the Photoshop plugin (but even in the standalone) … if instead of a cut out object it could return a layer mask which could then be tweaked slightly (if necessary), I think that would be even better than what it does now. Ideally, there would be little to no tweaking NEEDED to the mask created… BUT … sometimes it would be handy. Just a thought.

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