Mask AI v1.2.4 "Save As..."

In Mask AI, there are a couple of annoying things going on during so-called “Save As…”

First, if you select “Save As…” (or click the [Save] icon at the bottom-right), you are given the option to save as transparent, composite, alpha or trimap. But once you complete the save function, you can no longer perform a “Save As…” until you change something.

If you feel you have completed your mask, you may want to save your Trimap in case you decide you need to make some adjustments, then save as Transparent to use in another program. Or whatever combination of outputs you may feel necessary. You can’t do that unless you make some adjustment between each save.

I could see a general “Save” that updates your project file being unavailable if nothing has changed, but “Save As…” should always be available to save as other formats or even with an alternate file name.

Second, if you’ve changed the directory for your saved files to collect them in one place, each time you return to “Save As…”, it defaults to the source directory. Waste of time to browse each time to the directory you want, and often results in files being saved to the wrong place if you are not diligent in navigating each save.

Output directory should remain as set by the user between saves.