Mask AI v1.2.0

I have only updated from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 to get rid of the update nag dialog, and immediately regretted.
I use Mask AI exclusively as a Photoshop plugin (W7), and the plugin has not been registered by the installer. Managed to plant the shortcut manually and that worked.

Then we come to the 2nd issue: the way the layers work with Mask AI seems to change randomly between versions, and I didn’t see it mentioned in the change log. What I mean is sometimes Mask AI creates a copy of the layer, and sometimes it edits the active layer directly. Perhaps it’s time to let the users decide?

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Try the Settings as the Auto Create Layer will duplicate the Layer and the Save to Layer Mask will use and update the mask in the duplicated layer.


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In 1.2.4 version have a Save bug when I use as standalone program:

  • after save any result, I cannot save again different type (mask or trimap or cutted) Save button not responding.
  • Save not remember last save path, if I selected Custom path.
    In 1.2.3 version was perfect, please fix these!

Have a different bug with save: if I set a background (ex. color), and save Transparent image only, saved Composite with background.

Thanks for answering Don, but with 1.2.3 it doesn’t work for me.
The Auto Create Layer is on, but a new layer is not created.

I would raise a support request at the main website for this because using CS6/Win 10 it does create a layer if auto create layer is on.

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Mask AI。Can the software be used for video production?

A mask is fit around a unique frame … I suspect video changes frame by frame … so no I doubt that Mask AI could keep up in some kind of automasking without operator input.

But I could be wrong!

friend. I come from China. I can not speak English. Thank you for your answers.
Can I use the software to make videos?

Mask AI is NOT software for making videos. It is software to mask a single image.
Mask AI不是用于制作视频的软件。它是掩盖单个图像的软件

Can I synthesize videos one by one


You seem very focused on video editing. Mask AI is Not for video.

Look at this Topaz product instead:

If that is not your interest, research Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premier Elements or Premier Pro.

[quote=“Fotomaker, post:164, topic:14491”]
Mask AI
[/quote]The software is great, I like it very much, but I want to change the background of the video, is Mask AI feasible, or can I piece it together into a video?

You could use some other software to extract the individual frames (and put them back together afterwards - I think VEAI will do that), but you’d have to mask each frame individually. So, possible? Yes. Feasible? Almost certainly not.

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I agree about feasibility - 2000 frames of video equals 2000 frames in masking, and all manually!

Unless you are sure that from keyframe to keyframe that the background does not change - there may be a way to force that keyframe to be a reference for ensuing b frames and p frames so that the new bkg applied to that one keyframe can persist.

You’ll have to trial and error.

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Thank you very much for your answers. I will try feasibility.

Thank you very much for your answers. I will try feasibility. Thank you

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For masking in video, a process known as rotoscoping, you might try something like Mocha Pro from BorisFX.

Mocha Pro: Advanced Roto Tools

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Pls post a tutorial after you work out the ‘feasibility’ of how to mask 1000’s of frames of video easily using Mask AI!

We’ll look forward to it…

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Thank you very much, I feel that there are many powerful software.

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