Mask AI - User feature interviews

We’re planning some improvements to Mask AI, and would love the opportunity to speak with some of our best users (YOU!) about how useful these would be for you.

Please post if you are interested in scheduling a 30 minute video call with our product engineers to talk about improvements to Mask AI.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know how much I could help you but I certainly would be willing try.

Thanks for offering! following-up via private message.

I’m away for the next 6 days and in New Zealand so not sure if that suits but if not here’s 2 cents worth…

  • It seems Topaz is trying to make the mask process more AI than actually be able to do useful masking. The control you had in the previous ReMask 5 felt WAY more superior.

  • Reintroduce transparency option for masking. I think Remask 5 was unique in that ability and that feature is sorely missed

  • Masks are complex beasts and I don’t think AI will ever perfectly mask an image especially a tricky image. That is why Mask AI should have a variety of effective tools to PRECISELY adjust the mask and edge depending on the conditions impacting the edge

  • Finally Mask AI doesn’t behave like you want it to. You are trying to enhance an edge maybe painting in a little more of the foreground but it will sometimes also go and then include some background elements in the mask the clearly aren’t even close to what you selected. A more precise and “real” AI selection is required around those edges.

  • I lied I have one more, sometimes only the pen tool will do for part or all of a tricky selection, if this could be included and designed to integrate into the other areas of the mask that would be very useful.

I have actually gone away from using MASK AI as it has been easier to use the “Refine” tools in other software but that other software can’t do some of the things MASK AI can do especially what Remask 5 could do.

Happy to talk if suits.



Using mask ai as a plugin in studio, mask calculates fine, copy paste to a layer I want, but then mask ‘autoupdates’ and calculates a new mask (different to what I specified) and applies not only to mask layer, but also if copy pasted as a mask on other layers… even if 'auto-update, checked off in mask ai plugin
Layers in studio also not rolling up properly, sometimes switching off etc… very strange.