Mask AI upgrade pricing

I have seen where some owners of ReMask 5 (like me) are getting Mask AI for an upgrade price of $33 USD. When I add the program to my cart and go to checkout, it’s $49.99. What gives?

That’s interesting, I paid $49.99 for it. Where have you seen the $33 USD charge?

And in my account It said $59.99 but now all offers are gone!
In the basked it says $49.99

As a Remask 5 owner, it was $49.99 for me.

Sounds to me that Topaz has reneged on the promise to provide free upgrades to those who had purchased legacy products like Sharpen and Denoise fro example. Their policy is shifting like the wind.

I am a member of DPRreview and several of the members there reported they were only charged $33

I also paid 49.99. I doubt that Topaz would give special prices to special people!

I’m a member of DPReview and I see one member who’s mentioned a few times that he paid that price as part of upgrading to an AI Bundle, and several members querying how he got that price.

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