Mask AI Transparency Feature

For Mask AI I didn’t see the transparency feature in the program.

I tried masking the transparent part of the picture in blue but it did not give me results as good as Topaz Remask. Will this feature be added to Mask AI?

If I understand you correctly, to get a transparent background, it would be in red. The blue is only to differentiate between what is kept and what is cut out.

The Color Range and Transparency brush features are not in Mask AI 1.0.0 or 1.0.1

Has any testing been done with semi transparent objects, for example bridal veils. If there is no transparency brush, how can it handle that type of work ?

Some of us have tried those types of objects and reported feedback that color range and transparency brush capabilities would help tremendously; based on what can be achieved with them in ReMask 5. And, the current MAI tools tend to choke on those items.

I don’t work for Topaz so can’t speak to what’s on their development roadmap…

Thanks for that Fotomaker,

I’ll stick with Remask 5 for the moment, it does what I need.

For the amount of use I would make of MaskAI, the conversion from $USA to $AUS, the addition of GST and the 3% (of the total price) now being tacked onto overseas credit card payments as “International transaction charges” by Australian banks makes the total update cost more than I could justify.

You could also test the free trial of MAI vs ReMask to assess how they comparatively handle the types of images you’d be most likely to work with. And see for yourself.

Take care.

Hi, I test for two days MASK AI 1.0.1 on macOS 10.14.6 and as I could use it, it does not satisfy me at all, can not touch the mask with a brush, the edges are imprecise. … The mask is much better when it is made in Photoshop 20.0.7 and so I do not see the point of buying it to use as a plugin neither PS nor LR, his second fault, he is very slow to load, takes a lot of disk space and as a plugin, it is not properly developed because can not be used as a re-editable smartfilter in PS. For me, currently it’s a flop, sorry.

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