Mask AI, technique for refining the mask

Watched the webinar. Too be honest was not much help, but he showed the contrast portion and so I tried an image(3rd time) and discovered that if I leave the left screen in tri mode and then use the contrast brushes to paint out the blue,using both both red and green, it was similar to using a refine brush was able to get very good separation. Hope someone else tries and maybe verify the technique.


Hey Gregory

You are right by making the original mask using AI then switching to Contrast mode to refine you almost have the same operation as the original Remask software. I’m not sure how Mask AI is supposed to handle transparency though.



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I find that Mask AI takes a lot more brushing to get an accurate selection. It’s difficult to get the blue in the right place to get all of a building, for example. Straight edged selections shouldn’t be that difficult. I have had no luck with refining on hair or trees. I tried your suggestion, but there is simply to much brushing and trying to get between every leaf shouldn’t take so long. I am going to keep on playing with it until my 30 day trial is up. So far I’m not satisfied.

Did you know you can click, hold the shift key down, and click again to get a straight line? Click Shift Click