Mask AI softening images

Hi I have just upgraded to Mask AI. I have used remask for sometime but as yet have to see a significant advantage over Remask, but I have only tried a very few images. May be better as I get to know the software. One disadvantage that I am seeing is a very slight softening of the whole image after using Remask AI. Not a huge softening but it is there. To test it against Remask I opened an image and copy it, create a mask in the original Remask and all is fine. I then made another copy of the background image and repeat the mask using Mask AI. There is a definite desharpening of the the Mask AI image that can be seen as I switch between layers. I have tried it in contrast and AI modes and get the same result. Anybody else seen this or am I missing something in the programme!
Cheers Pete.