Mask AI - Recovering Mask after Save Image as Transparent

I may be the only one reporting this but when I use Mask AI as a standalone (not going through PS as a filter), when I save the transparency to my desktop, then open it in PS, it looks just like the original. There’s no transparent section that I cut out!! Am I doing something wrong in saving/opening? Also, if I close the image in Mask AI and open another one, no photo appears and my controls are non-functional. It seems I can only use this app as a filter from PS!!

At the moment the only way to get the mask by saving as a transparency is to use the PNG option for Photoshop, take it into PS and then select Layer-> Layer Mask-> From Transparency to create the mask in Photoshop. Save using these options:


NOTE for Affinity Photo Users

If you use Affinity Photo you can save the Alpha in the TIF with transparency and then in Affinity use the Background Alpha Channel and Create Mask Layer by selecting after right-clicking on the Background Alpha.