Mask AI object detection and other flaws

Automatic object detection does not work even on such simple images.

into MaskAI
original file
This simple image, even with manual processing, causes bouts of illogicality in the MaskAi program.

Mouse scrolling over parameter sliders does not work

buttons do not work up down or left to right to change parameters with a minimum step if the mouse does not fall into the desired number on the slider

even simple input of negative numbers does not work, the program does not see them, negative numbers can only be obtained through the slider

moving to the very corner of the image does not work with a space bar to work in the very corner of the image

brush creates gnarled mask pixels larger than the area of ​​the displayed brush

I agree 100% the auto select subject seems to be applying almost the opposite of AI

I also confirm: he is not “intelligent” at all, he is really stupid!

In version 1.0.2, the movement in the image was fixed, and even disabling the movement mode if a brush is selected is already good. I hope you continue the corrections as recommended.
Negative numbers are still not inserted, buttons and mouse do not work on the sliders.

see image

In the new version 1.0.3, nothing is fixed for the normal processing of my image.
Negative numbers are not inserted, the sliders do not change the numbers when controlled using the up and down buttons of the keyboard, just like that, nothing changes when the mouse scroller is rotated.

When the mouse scroller zooms in, the image does not track the position of the mouse itself as it was done in Photoshop, and this is bad. The image should be zoomed in relation to the center specified by the position of the mouse, otherwise, it is a meaningless function.
For example, in a topaz studio, everything is fine with the scroller when zooming the picture, it works as it should.

Agreed. You should definitely be able to control the slider values with up-/down keys when the value field has focus. This is true for for all of the Topaz products btw.
I am not sure though if controlling the sliders with the mouse wheel would be a good idea, considering you use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out at the same time.

This is working for me in version 1.0.3, like in the previous version.

In the modern world of software, this is a normal function when, depending on which surface of the interface panel the mouse is now on, the functionality of its actions changes.
Get used to living comfortably. This is how the interfaces have been created for the last 8 years, just Topaz needs to catch up with the rest of humanity.