Mask AI - Not Applying Background in Ps Plugin

I just masked an image using the MAI 1.0.1 plugin (Ps CC 2019, Win 7 PC).

After finessing my mask as desired I tried to add a background to that masked image w/in the MAI 1.0.1 interface to create a composite.

Using the opened MAI plugin, I was able to search my PC, open the desired background, make various exposure adjustments to the Background image to match it to my foreground masked image and re-position the masked image so it was placed where desired on the imported background. Yes, it was on an unlocked Ps layer… see snip below.

When I hit “Apply” I was taken back to my Ps CC 2019 layers stack. But all that came back on the layer was the MAI layer mask. Not the composite image that I’d created in MAI 101 and wanted to work with more in Ps.

There seems to be a tech glitch that needs a fix or else hitting “Apply” (which seemed like the intuitive thing to do when I saw what I wanted) is not the thing to do to accept and go back to Ps. Which would be a different type of fix needed. Screen snip of what the MAI plugin sent back to Ps CC vs the MAI composite I created:


I believe the Background option is only for using the Save as as is noted in ReMask 5 because you are likely to change the size of the image passed from PS. PS would then not accept the returned image. Here is the message received in ReMask 5.


@partha.acharjee could you look into this please and add a similar message.

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Oh well, phooey. Then, yes, that Background Image option should be greyed out as not usable in the plugin.

I’m not sure where in the process you’d get the message above in ReMask 5. But I’d (I’m using the royal all users “I”) hate to invest a bunch of time perfecting a composite and then get the message above saying, “Sorry, you’re outta luck, can’t do that here”.

If creating composites with MAI as a plugin to another host program isn’t doable, the functionality should be blocked before any time is spent on it.

Now, creating a composite with MAI as a plugin to Studio 2 would be super neato! So if there has to be a plugin/composite-building exception that would be a good one!

Thx for expediting, Don.

Host app generally has multiple layer capability that’s why we only export the mask by default. We’ll look at the issue to export composite as well. Otherwise, background option should be disabled in plug in mode.

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Hi Partha, I would think it isn’t necessary as in other cases such as Studio (1&2) you can do a save as before returning to the host.


Not a complete disable of the Background Mode (b/c it’s useful to see the masked image on a colored background, etc. for proofing purposes while in the plugin interface). But definitely disable the bringing in of a Background Image to use for compositing in plugin mode if it won’t be supported back to the host.

Users could spend a bunch of time resolving the light, contrast, saturation, etc. if creating a plugin originated composite that involved importing an image while in MAI plugin and would be frustrated if that work wasn’t saved back out to their host for add’l workflow.

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Yes, I typically would create my composites in Ps (CC) once I gen a mask of needed elements. It’s easier for me to work in that way and then do other layer processing.

But, b/c the feature seemed to be in the MAI plugin to create a composite, I tried it. :slightly_smiling_face::computer_mouse::desktop_computer:

For me, as a plugin in Photoshop, Mask AI is useless, The selection and mask creation features in Photoshop 20.0.7 are much more powerful and accurate.Today I advise against any Photoshop user wasting time with this pluggin, my very expensive for what it offers. Sorry, Topaz, I like you, but this is a flop for me.