Mask AI (Mac OS) - Problem Exporting Composite Image

As a new user of Mask AI (v1.3.3), I am having trouble saving the finished image to my Mac’s desktop. In the Save Image As dialog box, I selected TIFF (TIF) with either LZW or no compression. After I press Save, the file appears on my desktop but cannot be opened. It still cannot be opened if drag & drop the file into Lightroom or Photoshop. My goal is to be able to continue editing the file in Lightroom.

Thank you for any help.

Update: According to a support person at Topaz Labs, this is apparently a known issue that has not been resolved. In the meantime, I am curious how I might save a composite image processed in Mask AI. Certainly others of you are having to deal with this issue. Your help would be most appreciated. Thank you so much!

Apart from saving it as a jpg another workaround would be to open the saved Tiff in a program that will read it and then re-save. I hadn’t noticed this issue previously since I do not use Lightroom. However, Photoshop Elements and On1 Photo Raw will both open a saved Mask AI Tiff (as will the free photo organizer/viewer XnVew). I’m sure that there are other apps that might work, although Mac’s Preview app (as you probably already know) will not.

I am searching for a workaround. Even Photoshop will not open the saved TIFF image. In fact, I cannot even open the image back into Mask AI. I get the message: “Unknown Error”. I seems like the TIff image exported out of Mask AI is corrupt.

If indeed this is a glitch within Mask AI, there must be legions of users that are frustrated like myself. I would certainly like to hear from Mac users on this issue. Thank you so much.

I even tried opening the TIFF file with XnView. No luck. Sure seems like the TIFF file saved in Mask AI is corrupt>

I use Mask AI on occasion and always save as tiff, but I do not save a composite I save a transparent file. There is no problem opening it. Can you save a transparent and use PS to combine it into a composite?

Mond: Since I only use PS occasionally for some healing & cloning, I was relying on Mask AI as a standalone app to create composites. So my preference is not to save an image as a transparent.
With that said, if I try to save a composite as a TIFF, it will not open in LR, PS or with Preview (in the Mac OS)-- regardless if I select a solid color, blur or image background. I can only open a composite if I save it as a JPEG.

If you have Topaz Studio 2 you may be able to open the Tiff file and then export it as a Tiff. I understand the issue since I have a variety of photo apps, most of which will not properly load composites created by Mask AI and then saved as a Tiff (e.g. Luminar, Pixelmator Pro, Lyn photo browser, Mac Preview). However, I have just created a composite TIFF using Mask AI and can open it in Photoshop Elements, On1 Photo Raw, and Topaz Studio 2. I’m surprised that XnView didn’t work for you since I have just tried this program again can verify that it displays the image (48 MB) I created.

No, I do not have Studio 2. While Topaz Labs is hopefully working to resolve this issue, I will try uninstalling Mask AI, then re-installing it.