Mask AI Astrophotography

Am using the suite of products for astrophotography and am rather happy, especially with Denoise. We have call for masking and I have a few astro-tools… but I have tried to use Mask AI to pick up the subtle edges of various nebulae and it does not seem to do that job too well. Can somebody help me with identifying the basic parameters to adjust to try to detect subtle edges… guess this might be the same for real clouds… nebulae=clouds… have looked at the tutorials…

PS Have been working closely on this over last week and the masking is superior to that in PixInsight, which pretty much can make and eclipse or various versions of lightness masks… if I have any big insights will post and image here.


I, too, use Pixinsight. I also was wondering if MaskAI would work in the same way. Were you able to get MaskAI to work with nebulae yet? I’m curious and was thinking of trying out MaskAI. Can you do multiple shades of colors in one mask with MaskAI?


I have just be trying it out following the tutorials mostly using it on greyscale. For me the trick is to destar a hydrogen alpha image, denoise the image with Topaz, and then clip the background and stretch the nebula, then add the stars back.

I usually use GAME in PI but this gives a more precise mask… I should have used it on some recent images but got lazy or forgot it. It is a couple extra steps.

I have not done it on color but according to the tutorials it should work.

See this tutorial and look at the dog around 15m in color… impressive.

My images are out here:

Say hello if you are on Astrobin, several people using Topaz products to the envy of others :slight_smile:

Jerry Y

I followed you on Astrobin. Good to meet you. Look forward to reviewing your work. What other Topaz products do you use?

I pretty much have the suite… there was a deal and I bought in… denoise… sharpen…mask and studio that brings them together… Drop a comment on Astrobin… I hope to finish the last of my Abell series today (maybe)… this uses denoise… I only have 6 images… but maybe it will work. Abell 79.