Mask AI as a plugin crashes using Save As

Whenever I use Mask AI as a plugin, with PS CS6 and Affinity Photo so far, it crashes when I try to use Save As to output a file. Has anybody managed this successfully - or is it something we’re not really supposed to do? Just thought I’d ask around before I put a ticket in.

Paul, I have been able to use Save as to an external folder but when I press Apply it will crash on return to CS6 but if I save as a mask (PNG) it will crash as it shouldn’t really be an option as only TIF can really be used as a mask.

Note the crash on return only applies to CS6 and I reported the errors today. Hopefully it will be looked at soon.

I must add to this Paul as I don’t understand why the option to save a mask includes PNG & JPG as seen:


Maybe @partha.acharjee can explain.

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Thanks Don - that actually makes sense now I think about it (the PNG bit which is what I was trying to do).

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Mask actually a grayscale image. I am not sure which program allows which format to use as mask. But, all of these file format can be used to transfer a mask from one program to other.

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Partha, for me it crashes during the save operation.

UPDATE: It’s only when saving as a PNG - all the other options are fine.

i believe TIF/TIFF is the only valid option because of the Alpha & Transparency. I may be wrong but I have never used JPG/JPEG or PNG for masks because of the lack of an Alpha channel and PNG only supports Alpha transparency and I believe you can support transparency in JPEG 2000, not JPG.

This is only the alpha channel as a grayscale image. This option doesn’t have the image itself. The option you are talking about is the first one in the saving panel, transparent. So, you can see that one only have png and tif.

Is it MAC? As plug in or standalone?
I saw another report about Tiff is crashing on some machine. Can you try to save with higher compression? May be saving larger image have problem on some specific machine.

I am talking about this option, wondering what image processing apps use it. (the errors occur with this option)

I also believe that saving as a mask would only have as a grayscale mask, i.e. same as a trimap, with the alpha channel.

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Windows 10 as a plugin. TIFF works fine - it’s only PNG giving me a problem but I’ll test it some more.

Tried a PNG at max compression with the same result - the save gets to 11% (every time), stalls for a second or two and then crashes.

I can verify the case. I’ve added in our bug list. Going to fix this soon. Thanks a lot for reporting the issue.

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Hi, Have you used Remask 5 in Affinity photo as according to there site it will not work, please view image of there plug-in page. Thankyou, Russ. PLUGINS

Works just fine for me.

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