Mask AI and transparencies

Seriously, has anyone tried to mask a transparent article in a picture yet? I’ve tried to mask a bridal veil and no soap!! Still hafta use Remask 5!!

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Try with Contrast mode rather than AI mode.

Tried it. Ehhhh…still not acceptable. Trying to figure out what colors to use in areas of the veil is a hit and miss effort. A tutorial would be nice! Seems most of the complaints are centered around the loss of the color range capability. Needs some major work.

There is a webinar pinned to the Forum and you may want to add your vote to this Product Feature Request:

Typically I have found that AI for the initial compute and then Contrast seems to work best along with the edge tools, especially defringe.

But I don’t envy you the veil except maybe at 400% view and that would be tedious.

Did a side by side of a veil with Remask 5 and Mask AI. No comparison. 5 did a much better/easier job than AI. Sorry. Tried every which way. AI first then Contrast and vice versa. AI isn’t there yet.