Mask AI - Ability to Remove Residual Color

To add to the subject line… Not just to remove residual color, but also to remove lingering background color in quasi-transparent areas (like the frizzy hair in my example image below, or wedding veils or etched windows for architectural pics, etc.).

I have been running some sample image tests using MAI 1.0.2 plugin to Ps CC 2019 (Win PC).

1st I drew a manual TriMap on my image. Started with the CUT (all red) view.

Then ran the Compute in AI Mode to produce my initial mask that I tweaked (using Contrast Mode in Mask & in the Edge Tab). Two views of the tweaked mask are here:

From there I Accepted the mask back to my Ps CC layer (which I’d added a white mask to prior to starting work in Mask AI). I used the Overlay Brush (in black and in white) on that mask and applied some Levels adjustments on the mask):

Finally, I used that mask to alter the Exposure of the background to have the woman stand out. When I did so it became obvious there was still a fair amount of the light blue residual color from the Original image still in her hair. I’d like a way to remove that in Mask AI prior to returning to a Ps Layer:

Hi Fotomaker

Does Edge/Foreground Recovery help at all?



I see the same sort of thing on landscape images when I try to remove the sky. If the trees are leafy and there is a lot of sky showing through it is impossible to remove all of the blue from the small spaces between the leaves, and I suppose that is because the color of the leaves and the sky blend at the edges and the software can not tell where one starts and the other leaves off.

With some of these photos there are literally hundreds of such small blue spots and I would have to spend the whole day trying to remove them, so I generally just use the Foreground Recovery and the Edge adjustment to do what I can and live with it. It is not perfect but it is a lot better than it was with the old ReMask and I have not found any other software that is better at that kind of issue,

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Thx for your note!

No it didn’t/doesn’t in certain color tinged mask results. What I posted was the after using Brush refinements and after Edge tab refinements, both…

What I find I need is a Color Range (and Transparency) tool to deal with the trickiest residual color & also quasi transparent objects (wedding veils, spider webs, some flowy hair, certain windows, etc.).

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That exactly what I have experienced. I saw many other users had different experience with this tool. Do you have any thoughts on that from user perspective?

I have almost never used ReMask although I do have a licensed copy. It was just too much trouble to create a decent mask and I ended up using the build-in masking functionality in my workflow software (Dxo’s PhotoLab2 and/or CaptureOne). I was never very happy with the results of the built-in masking but it was not worth the time and trouble for me to use ReMask.

When I first tried Mask AI I was not impressed. Some of its features just don’t work for me. For example I have not gotten a single decent mask using the Auto (Detect Objects). When I try it on flowers I get parts of the petals, but nothing usable. I had mostly decided to give it up and move on when I watched the webinar and realized that I had not used all of the features. When I went back and tried it on some of my images I felt a lot better about it.

After gaining some experience I have found that I can easily select parts of the image to use as an adjustment mask and do correcting in Photoshop, and I have been amazed at how much more quickly I can construct a decent mask that will allow me to fix this or that part of an image. Sometimes it has taken 3 or 4 masks for any one image but Mask AI has turned out to be fast enough for me to not feel I was wasting my time.

I had tried other masking plugins and some were quite good, but took too long to use. Others were fast but did not provide a decent mask. Mask AI is not perfect but I feel it has given me a good compromise between the quality of the mask and the time it takes to create it. I plan to buy it at the “upgrade” price although, to be honest, I am not sure I would do so at the regular price.

I will just have to see if I end up using it as much as I think I might.

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1- Add a Color Range brush as in ReMask5
2- Remove the necessity to turn off the PAN feature before using a brush.
In general I am finding it more difficult to get a proper mask with the AI program than with ReMask5. It might just be that more experience is needed but at the present time I have my doubts.

Impossible to eliminate all halos against a dark background. Some of the folks on DPreview have had better luck using Remask 5

Would you pls go to this Product Features suggestions page (on the Topaz Discussions site for Mask AI) and click to add your vote of support (upper left near the top of the posting)?

Endorsements show interest by users to the product’s developers as well as help in prioritizing importance; even if it is on the product roadmap this may emphasize the urgency to do it sooner rather than later.


Pls see the same response to the poster just above you… could you pls also vote for a feature that may help? See my reply to HRWink for more info…