Mask AI 1.1.0

Just updated to Mask AI 1.11 earlier today. I am using Win7. When I open the program, it automatically gets minimized. I even tried to set the program properties so the program would load maximized. That also did not work…the program again gets automatically minimized. Not sure if it is a bug or whatever.

Hello becker2168, please explain what you mean by minimized. I don’t know what that means, and perhaps there will be others who see your post who will not understand it either. That cuts down the number who might be able to help you.

I am not sure what you mean by setting the program properties as there are none that are available for defining the window size as the program saves windows dimensions to the registry… Just open the program, maximize it and then grab one of the corners and resize it to less than full screen, exit the program and restart it should appear correctly.

Other advice, upgrade to Windows 10 as 7 is no longer supported.

When you open the program it is minimized down to the taskbar. And when I was referring to changing or adjusting the properties of the program, if you right click on the icon you have the option in the settings to open the program minimized, normal or Maximized. None of those change the fact that the program opens Again minimized down to the taskbar. And I am sure the changing to windows 10 will not solve this issue since every other program I have including all the Topaz programs opens properly.

OK, understand now you are choosing from the Run options in the properties:


Did you do what i suggested?

It should be Normal Window but there may be compatibility issues so if you tried what I suggested and that didn’t work you can use the registry editor (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software) and look at the entry for Mask AI in the registry editor, click on AppMain and delete tlMain_height, tlMain_visibility and tlMain_width exit and restart the application and see if that helped:


I tried all your suggestions with no success. What I did use was a program that I’ve had for a while called windows manager; It allows you to lock the screen position And size of different programs. That works perfectly and Mask Ai 1.1 is now Opening properly. There must be some irregularity in version 1.1 Of mask ai As all of your other topaz programs open properly. Thanks for your help anyway

Any plans for a short tutorial on using the new color range feature in Mask AI v.1.11? I’ve tried using it to mask out a veil’s background, but no luck. Remask 5 did a good job in the past. Be nice to have the same feature in the new product.

I would suggest there is something in your system setup causing this issue. There are no other reports of these issues.

Hello prborromeo, ReMask 5 has a feature you are using on that veil called Transparency. This feature will be added to Mask AI. It is being worked on.

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