Mask AI 1.1.0 - Shows Incorrect Bkgrnd Fill Color

I just (Feb. 21) downloaded production release MAI 1.1.1 (PR). Launched on my PC desktop. Closed that. Then opened it in Ps CC 2020 as a plugin.

After manually creating a Tri-Map and hitting Compute Mask I wanted to put a Color Background behind the image to see how good my mask was. Granted I was just doing it as a mask sanity check. But someone who was creating a composite who experienced what I did would have a real problem.

The color I selected in the color picker options interface (& then applied) is not the color that was shown on the image! I selected a purple/violet. The color displayed on my image as background is a true blue…

Please raise a technical support request at the Topaz Labs website.

Okey dokey. I put this under Prod. Tech Spt figuring that was the place for staff to address it vs other users. Is that not right? I debated whether to put under the “bugs” category (also something I wouldn’t expect users to be able to address). Guess I’m puzzled what other tech spt there is…

This is a user to user forum where Topaz employees occasionally drop in. If a user has a solution to someone’s technical problem they would post it here … it’s user to user, Topaz Technical support is on the main Support webpage.

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I might also add that it would help if you did it again, took a copy of the HSV/RGB values and checked in PS to see if it was different. Just take a snip of the color dialog when you choose the color.


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I’ll try that tomorrow a.m. before I post any rpt elsewhere. Thx

Okay I tried what I think you suggested… my other/better half has been very sick so I just got to it today.

Here’s what I did trying Mask AI both as Ps CC plugin & standalone to test color background match after computing a mask. I didn’t waste time cleaning masks since really trying to understand color background accuracy relative to selected bkgrnd color.

Color seems to match - at least this apple green when using MAI current production vers. (1.1.0) as plugin to Ps CC.

Color doesn’t match - at least the violet-y purple color - when using MAI current production vers (1.1.0) as standalone (same result as previously in which the color picker shows the purple-y color I wanted & the background color in MAI post compute is a pure blue):

I grabbed the numbers from the color picker in the standalone result (for the purple-y color I wanted) & plugged that into a color fill layer in Ps. It definitely shows up as the desired purple-y color & not the blue that MAI standalone is generating. At least to me! Did I do what you’d suggested? If so, doesn’t this seem worthy of me reporting as a tech spt issue for the production product?

That is what you should report as a error along with the actual RGB value that was returned to PS.

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Also it doesn’t matter if you use the picker or the basic colors, I believe what is returned to PS/Affinity is the correct color applied to the background which is not the selected color and seems to be the Red is affected:

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Thx for the positioning & chkg it out!

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I submitted via Support. Will see what happens. Sounds like they’re swamped with the video product help needs…

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Got note from Emily saying she’s forwarded it to a developer for action.

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I am having the same problem and have put a support request in. Did you ever find a solution to this?

Are you using v1.3.4 of Mask AI?

Yes I am running 1.3.4

I still see significant color differences b/wn the Color Picker Background Color & the color that shows up on the Preview. See snip attached.

I am running MAI commercial vers. 1.3.5 on a Win 10 PC. The snip is from the standalone, not Ps CC plugin.

Don, Is there someone you can give a heads up to in your capacity?

Typically this issue occurs when you have a Uncalibrated RGB profile, i.e. there is no ICC Profile allocated to the image therefore it cannot be color managed. For example, if you have the Missing profiles set to Ask when opening in Photoshop you will get this message:


If you don’t use PS and you are on Windows you can check the image by right-clicking, select properties, then Details panel and scroll down a little to see the Color representation label …


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Thanks for the response. My display is calibrated weekly using a colourmunki and xrites software.

Nothing to do with your display I am talking about the images that are passed to Mask AI, if they are uncalibrated then the colors will also be off.

If you have an image where these issues are happening and want me to check just upload to a file sharing site and either PM me the link by clicking on my Icon and select Message or post the link here.

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The images being passed to mask ai are in srgb. There is no profiling of the images.