Mask Ai 1.0.0

There are a number of issues with this 1st commercial version:

  • When the plugin launches/opens in Ps CC (2019) as the host on a Win (7) PC the image that was active in Ps doesn’t open into MAI. Instead the plugin interface looks like the interface for the standalone product when it 1st opens and shows a box asking users to run a tutorial. The plugin to hosts needs to open directly to display the active image from Ps CC layer stack (or other host being used) and needs ability to select not to run the MAI tutorial as a Preference menu choice. Snip attached:

I ran a portrait of a young child with curly hair on a clean blue background. MAI 1.0.0 was unable to remove residual blue background around sections of the curly hair - notice particularly around the ears. When I tried to brush with Red (AI or Contrast Mode) it removed large chunks and cut out portions of hair to create ‘holes’. When I brushed with Blue to tell MAI to treat those areas with smaller curly loose hairs as an area in which the program had to make distinctions it ‘mushed’ the hairs. A Color Range/Transparency feature is needed to be able to deal with that more cleanly (using the Edge Tab sliders didn’t resolve the issues):


You are 100% right on with you comments. Mask AI is not ready to move out of Beta Testing. Not only does it do a poorer job of dealing with hair, even against a uniform background, than Photoshop or Affinity, but the interface is has lots of bugs which lead to terrific frustration.
None of the introductory versions prior AI Programs have been in such poor shape.

My conclusion based on the 1.01 version of Mask AI, is that it should not have had a commercial release.

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Mask AI - interface problems:

  1. Holding down the spacebar gives only limited range of motion of the image. Only way to actually move to all parts of the image is by using the Hand Icon on the menu above.

  2. While in the image move mode (palm) you cannot change editing tools

These are only two of the serious problems.