Many Issues

Many crashes happening. This is the last one: (298.1 KB)

I’d recommend setting a 50% memory limit in the app’s preferences, it’s likely that the Quadro P4000 does not have sufficient VRAM for 4K processing:

ive also been having crashing on my 4090 doing 4k upscaling but my used goes above like 13%

it will just cause my system to reboot sometimes and i can tell because my gpu fans go from 40% under load to basiclly 10% when idle. it will also sometimes just close the app but windows will be fine. various different blue screen errors that hint at a system mem or gpu issue but i tested both significantly and even got new ram and ran it below its EXPO default profile by 1ghz just to ensure maximum stability even though it passed 10 runs of every test in memtest86 and windows mem diagnostics plus a few other tests.

i dont that topaz is causing a gpu driver error that can crash windows sometimes…its the most plausible explanation i can come up with after extensive testing and so far iits only happened on 4k video output from 720p-1080p input res.

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