Manual adjustment of automatic selection in Photo AI, especially for the sharpen feature

Will it become possible to manually adjust the automatic detection of subjects in Photo AI, particularly for the sharpen feature? If not Sharpen AI will have to be used in parallel to Photo AI since the automatic detection is good but still far from perfect.

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The Product Feature Requests threads don’t see much activity. There is a dedicated forum for PAI in the Product Releases section and it’s very active. You will find that many of us are complaining about the lack of selectivity in Face Refine. I suggest you repost there and add your voice, since the devs do look at those threads.

Hi, I’d like to add my voice to the request for a selection brush to refine the subject. It is difficult sometimes to get the subject selected using the present tools. I would also like the ability to invert the mask, for example to add noise reduction just to the sky.

Me too. I am noticing that enhancing resolution results in some highlights being
blown out. I’d like to have a real mask that I can paint on to adjust areas which
are to be affected.