Manchester UK City Library

another B&W from a recent visit over the hill


You are really developing your own B&W style.


Love you B&W work …nicely done Terry.

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I like the composition of this photo - round vs rectangular

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You have the Black and White medium nailed it seems. Nice work in all of them.

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Very nice indeed!

Nice tonality …

Very nice B&W treatment

Thanks @Kathy_9 @RatRodStudios @Laundromat @Buckstop75 @cre8art @AiDon @techman
I’m beginning to understand how digital B&W works and think this is a genre which comes easier. Need to get out of the comfort zone though and find something more challenging

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I like this image a lot. I do find that all the text takes your eye away from the subject. Especially the T G.Just my opinion.

Thanks for your thoughts. But … the ownership details will not be amended. It is larger than my previous. Too many thieving persons out there.