Major issues V3.0.0

Render time is 5 times as long as before and video clips stop rendering half way, Preview doesn’t function. wonder if this version was tested before release!!!

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I can tell you for sure it really was tested in many versions before release. And yes, I also have the feel it was not ready for launch, but it makes good progress and it will only be a matter of time until things work as expected. Just be patient. :blush:


I also agree that v3 wasn’t really in the state for an official release.

On the other hand, I haev been using mostly only v3 betas in the last months because v3 solves many problems for me (e.g. variable framerate source, built-in pre-cropping+post-framing for quicker processing, more control over encoder, …) and added new features like interpolation and slow mo (both of which i don’t use).

It’s just that v3 has been rebuilt on a whole new base (ffpmeg command line processing) with new UI and new features. Until all of that is really fine-tuned and perfected will take many more months imho.

Commercially, that probably wasn’t an option and the people who can make use of the fixes and new features are propably happy to an certain extent.

But yes, if u only wanted a faster and better, then v3 might not give u much to look forward.

Do you happen to have the beta installer that you’d be willing to share for v3 by chance? I was having no trouble with v3.0.08, but since updating to the “stable” release I can’t process anything. Even trying to preview causes the app to close.

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I thought updates were to improve software. V3.0.0 is a big downgrade, the enhancement models are not available, I guess this is why you removed Enhance from the title. All but for 2 or 3 models remain and the speed is excruciatingly slow! Stabilization is great to have, but now all the enhancement features that I bought this product for are almost gone completely. Taking away what was good and limiting the product is very disappointing and not worth buying.


V3 has crazy features which 2.64 had not but, when using same manual parameters on 2.64 and vs i saw there is difference in sharpening, deblurring and artifacts, also the encoding is unstable, app. 3 of 10 attempts get freeze or crashed, as a end user for now i would stay at 2.64 but the features of v3 are unbelieved,

I’m not complaining the new user interface, it can be learned, maybe.

I started testing with 480px/30fps interlaced 1hour video to upscale 1080px/60fps progressive.
Cropping was good add.
Automatic field recognising did not work.
Any combination of options promise me even couple of weeks progress.
After several hours of progress I still had 0% of completed material.

After closing the program it won’t appear, it’s main frame hangs in the taskbar only.
System is Win10.

Luckily I have v2.6.4 installation file in safe.

That sounds way too long to be correct. What is your hardware?

Admittedly I have a powerful PC (i9-12900, RTX-3080Ti, DDR5-5200), but upscale from 480p to 2160p using Proteus takes 3 hours for one 45 minute episode, ~5 hours for two, and about 7 hours for 3.