Maintain XMP section in EXIF data to reflect Denoise AI settings

Denoise AI is a fantastic piece of SW. One thing that I really would love to see is that the basic settings used for processing (model, mode, noise, sharpen, recover detail) are written to the EXIF data of the resulting image for later inspection.

Other programs (eg Lightroom, Photomatix) are doing this by creating respective entries in the XMP section of EXIF data.

For my workflow it would be a great addition to have this information available not only for Denoise, but also Sharpen and Studio (eg. which filters/textures/looks have been applied), in order to be able to reproduce how a certain result has been accomplished.


I strongly agree. Some times you need to get back to old image (or another image from same situation), and then it would be really beneficial to know what were the Denoise AI settings that were used to achieve the results at the first image processing sequence.

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