Macro - warm? -1

I notice after uploading the image that it’s much cooler than my original

LR and PS and Adjust 5 on a 32 image stack


I am beginning to fall out of love with your oh so large Watermark! Nice work, but the watermark :frowning:

Very nice artwork, love the closeup!

I do not have any problems with my own images, but when I download an image, for exaple, for Photos for Play and repost it the colors do not always match. Is there something we should be doing with color profiles when we upload?

PS - your processing was very cool :sunglasses:

@Torcello I will take the comment as praise - if the watermark is in the way of total enjoyment then the image must be good - I may shrink the WM
@KenKv Yes there may be a profile issue — perhaps @JoeFedric-TL could advise

Image looks fine to me …I haven’t noticed any color shifts when uploaded.

Just make sure that there is a color profile assigned and that it is a sRGB one. Profiles such as none, AdobeRGB or ProPhotoRGB wont display correctly on browsers.


@RatRodStudios and @AiDon

This is a sRGB image - I see little difference

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Great photo - great BIG logo :smiley:

yup but check out my latest posting - your approval or not would be much appreciated