MacOS UpToDate Topaz Video AI v.3.4.1 instantly hangs computer on preview button

I just bought Topaz Video AI this morning, first try and my MacPro 3.2Ghz 16core Freezes when I press Preview to make a 4K upscaling from 1080p ProRez4222 file. This computer never freezes until I press the preview button. Mouse still moves. Must do hard reboot. I had used the trial version successfully before, but the update to v.3.4.1 did freeze.

  1. Computer Freezes on preview
  2. Your system profile: MacPro 3.2Ghz 16core up to date OS
  3. Your log files (Help > Logging > Get Logs for Support)> no log files
  4. Any screenshots as necessary

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OK, I reinstalled and now it works. I had updated a previous version that I used in demo mode. I also set the processor to auto.

That is odd, if you run into this again, please let me know!

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