MacOS Big Sur

When attempting to update version 5.2.3 of Gigapixel to version 5.3, Big Sur crashes.

Same problem.

Giga 5.2.3 runs without issue on my MBP 2015 Retina - OS 11.0.1

All the apps open using the latest trials on Big Sur 11.0.1 beta 2 except for Adjust and Jpeg to Raw which never open.

Are they even care?
No official response here

My issue is with the Gigapixel installer. Big Sur crashes with the installation.

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Gigapixel is as slow as with the first versions when working on Big Sur and the fans are running on top speed. Wonder if the version 5.1.7. get’s updated, because my license run out 2 weeks ago. My Mac freezes and everything is working in slow motion.

Denoise and Sharpen DO NOT install plugins after a CLEAN Big Sur INSTALL with the latest version of Photoshop CC which is 22.0.1.FYI, I uninstalled Denoise and Sharpen again then I reinstalled and no plugins

Steps to reproduce

  1. Perform Big Sur Clean install

  2. Install Photoshop CC 22.0.1 NOT 22.0.0

  3. Install Denoise and Sharpen

It would be nice if someone from Topaz would jump in and say
that current Topaz Products do not work in Big Sur and working
on fixes. Perhaps even give an estimated timeline. The total silence
is a bit disheartening as to whether they even want to support macOS


I agree 100%…I DO NOT want to go through the process own downgrading from Big Sur.

Any updates TOPAZ LABS people?