MacOS Big Sur

Has anybody tested Topaz apps with MacOS Big Sur?

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A mounth ago I had Big Sur and I hadn’t problem with Topaz programs.

I’m experiencing problems with the installer / updated process. Essentially a file permission problem - every Topaz product on Big Sur. Happens with both the web and full installer when installing / updating files. Big Sur public betas 7/8/9. I’m experiencing this with an administrator account. Error messages like

“Error chasing permissions to 040755 in /Applications/Topaz Labs LLC/Topaz Sharpen AI/Topaz Sharpen”

are characteristic.

Invoking the installer from the terminal window as root functions as a workaround but this isn’t really practical.


Adjust AI doesn’t work on Big Sur. All the other products work on my computer with Big Sur without any issue.
I’m running BIGSUR on a new iMac 2020.
After contacting the support they confirm it doesn’t work with Big Sur yet.


November 11, 2020 and Apple is pushing Big Sur today. I previously installed a beta version of Big Sur and nothing in my Topaz Library was working so I reverted to Catalina which corrected most of my problems. So is Topaz ready for Big Sur? I don’t want to return to previous issues in which my Topaz products won’t work?

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Trying to run a Sharpen AI software update on MacOS Big Sur makes my iMac computer to completely crash. There seems to be a major problem.


same problem with Adjust AI. Program won’t launch, screen is black, i have to manually abort the process.


I reported the same issue to Topaz while I was using a Beta version of Big Sur. I had to reformat my hard drive and reinstall Catilina. It works with Catilina albeit slowly. Thanks for confirming this issue.


I upgraded to Big Sur yesterday. All Topaz apps work for me except JPEG to RAW. It won’t open.


I just updated to Big Sur today (Nov 13th). Opened Photoshop 2021 and then opened a file and tried to use Topaz Adjust 5. Topaz opens and lets me make a style selection. Then when I hit the Apply Button, and then the OK Button Topaz crashes.
I tried going back to Photoshop 2020 and the same problem occurs.
So, I won’t be able use it until they come up with an update or say that it’s no longer going to work in Big Sur.

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I can confirm this as well with the caveat that VEAI 1.7.1 opens but the list of models is empty under every user account except for the admin account…

Denoise AI, GigaPixel AI, Mask AI, Sharpen AI and Studio 2 open normally. Adjust AI and JPEG to RAW AI does not open. My system is a Mac Pro Late 2013.

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Denoise AI, GigaPixel AI, Mask AI, Sharpen AI

I test all Topaz app in standalone mode.

That is certainly more reliable. The plugins seem a bit iffy.

I just bought Mask AI upgrade from ReMask and tried to install on my iMac running Big Sur. Three tries in a row each led to a kernel panic and shut down my mac entirely.

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I did the same thing upgraded to big sur and now none of my plugins work will there be an update to this or are yall just going refund everyone’s money cause this is really annoying. Cause I’m getting that the vender should have been preparing and test for Apples big OS update. Just curious. cause I use your plugin on a daily bases its sorta my signature in my design process but now my customers are like what happen why we don’t get the type of look you had? and im like yeah good question.


I saw a friend post re some issues with Topaz, inc Adjust AI.

I’m finding Adjust AI does not work; seems to start, but nothing, and have to force quit.

Disappointing no replies from Topaz in this thread, that I’ve noticed.
I’ve submitted a support request.

Topaz Studio working for me; I’d never really tried it for the contrast etc features as in Topaz Adjust [I rarely select AI options]

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mine too. So disappointed.

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Same here.
Adjust not starting.