Macbook Pro 16" M2 Max 92GB RAM, Video AI still really slow

What speeds should I be expecting? I’m running Proteus on Auto on 4k 24fps footage, nothing other than proteus, and it’s going at 1-2fps, so a 1.5hr long video is taking upwards of 20 hours even on high power mode. Is this on par? I’m hearing people have around 9fps on video AI, and I feel like my 92GB of RAM and 38-C GPU/ 12-C CPU should be able to handle more than 2fps.

I have memory usage set to 100%, here is what my activity monitor looks like

In TVAI settings, have you got your processor set to Auto or is it set to M2 Max?

On my Mac Studio M1 Max (32GB, 10 core CPU, 24 core GPU), I get 1.7 fps when processor set to M1 Max, and 1.6 fps when set to Auto. The source I used was 3840 x 2160 @ 24fps, presumably the same resolution as yours, with Proteus Auto (no upscale). Same results regardless of ProRes 422 LT or H265 Main encoder.



Thanks Andy,

Yeah, I have it set to the M2 Max with the slider at 100% memory usage. I’m surprised because my previous device was an M1 Max Macbook Pro with 64GB RAM, 10-C CPU and 32-C GPU, and now with the M2 Max and 96GB RAM with the extra cores, it doesn’t seem to go much faster than the M1 Max.