MacBook Pro 13 2018 Studio Issues

Purchased a MacBook Pro 13" 2018. Migrated from a prior MacBook Pro to the new one.

Here’s the problem…topaz studio opens correctly. I select a photo file and open.
Nothing opens in topaz studio and no errors.

Still waiting a response from tech support at topazlabs.

How did you transfer the information from your old MBP to the new one? Have you tried re-installing the Topaz apps?

It is my understanding that the 2018 MBPs have the T2 security chip and perhaps there is some OS setting that is needed to be able to access plugin functionality, and was not set due to the way you migrated your apps and data.

I don’t know that, and perhaps I am completely wrong, but the answer would be interesting to me since I am in the process of getting a new 2018 MBP myself and might want to migrate my system to it as well.

I have the same issue with images not opening …no error.
Still waiting for response fro Topaz Labs…sent in a log file as requested.