Mac Support - Faster? M3 chip

I’ve been in SE Asian for abit and see the new incredible Video AI version 5?

Only question — does it render faster? Or will I see the same performance on a Mac M1 vs M3?

The processing and rendering will improve with faster hardware and RAM. You can check the benchmark page for test results from users to see the difference.

Yes - we all know this. This software is highly optimized for PCs.

But in general – is the software using all of Apple’s resources? Or has Topaz remained at M1 speeds overall. I have had this software for 2 years from 2.4.6 to the glitchy new one. Only a 10% increase in speed if that.

Adobe on the other hand is actually using Apple’s hardware to it’s fullest.

Apple currently uses Video AI in their testing when developing their new systems. The devs are working to continue to improve the efficiency and performance of the app on all platforms.

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I was pleasantly surprised that my iMac M3 8GB unit increased performance from 26fps to 32fps. It is not ultra-dramatic, but an improvement. I was using an Artemis setting. I am not certain as to this was from using the CPU or GPU.